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With HelpKidzLearn learners come first, motivation and engagement are simple and educators can feel confident in the software they are using.

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The #1 online learning platform for special education.

Learn with accessible game-based learning activities, create personliased choice-making activities, access readymade curriculum activities, immerse in inclusive sensory stories or assess and develop early vision and cognition behaviours.

Student privacy and educator confidence.

HelpKidzLearn Hub prioritises student privacy. Our COPPA, FERPA, and CSPC compliant platform and accessible online products ensure student data is handled according to the strictest standards. This translates to a secure learning environment where educators can feel confident and students can focus on thriving with our accessible software.

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Fuel a lifelong love of learning.

In special education, igniting a lifelong love of learning is about unlocking each student’s potential. By nurturing individual interests and strengths, this passion allows each student to shine, building a foundation for growth, self-discovery and a joyful journey of lifelong learning.

Fuel A Lifelong Love

Game-based learning in the classroom.

Inject your classroom with an extra dose of fun and engagement, transforming concepts into exciting challenges. Ignite motivation, turning passive learners into active participants eager to level up their knowledge and abilities.

Game Based Learning In The Classroom

Software accessible for all students.

Accessible software in special education is not just a technical requirement, it is a gateway to inclusive learning. HelpKidzLearn enable students with diverse needs to engage with education content and express themselves on an equal footing.

Software Accessible For All Students

Monitor performance and progression.

Ensure each student receives the support they need to thrive using HelpKidzLearn. Tailor instruction, interventions and accommodations to meet individual needs; Regularly assess where students are excelling and celebrate their accomplishments.

Monitor Performance

Learning objectives empower students!

In special education, clearly defined learning objectives act as a roadmap, guiding the instruction of personalised experiences that target each student's specific needs and strengths. By being measurable, learning objectives allow teachers to track progress and adjust their approach as needed and promote meaningful learning for all.

Learning Objectives Empower Students

Unlocking your student’s potential with personalised learning.

Embrace individual strengths and learning styles by personalising your student’s experience; Increase their engagement to learn within HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities, ChooseIt Maker, ChooseIt Readymades and Inclusive Stories with Student Profiles.

Unlocking Your Students Potential

Inclusive education for ALL students!

HelpKidzLearn promotes inclusive education and we believe every child, regardless of ability, has the right to quality education and learning.

Inclusive Education For All Students

International award-winning educational software.

Discover a world of learning with our international award-winning software: Ignite your student's curiosity, explore new possibilities and unlock their full potential with the confidence of quality products.

International Award Winning Software

A wealth of resources created for you!

HelpKidzLearn offers the best-crafted solutions, designed and built in partnership with special educators' feedback and recommendations to ensure that your learners are at the centre of every decision we make! Whether that is playing accessible game-based learning activities categorised by learning objectives designed to teach a progression of skills, creating choice-making activities, learning with thousands of readymade curriculum activities and more. We have got it covered!

A Wealth Of Resources