A Treasure Trove of Information and Resources 🎁

Our knowledge base for special needs educators is resource-rich, including information to support students with special educational needs (ASD, ADHD, etc.), downloadable resources to help teach access skills progression, lesson plans and differentiation strategies, as well as support through FAQs and video tutorials.

Treasure Trove

Assistive technology: Access skills progression and practice.

Get your hands on resources created to equip you with the knowledge and skills to support young learners with complex needs and utilise assistive technology for access, learning and communication. Learn about skills progression for one switch access, touch screen access and eye gaze access; enabling you to effectively guide and support your students development.

Access Skills

Game-based learning for SEN students.

Engaging and accessible software empowers students with special educational needs including autism spectrum condition (ASC), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by making learning fun, personalised, and rewarding. Learn how game-based learning can enable them to develop essential skills and build confidence.

Game Based Learning For Sen