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HelpKidzLearn is an online platform offering a collection of accessible software specifically designed for children with special needs. Launched in 2007, it emerged from Inclusive Technology, a company specialising in assistive technology and educational software. Since then, HelpKidzLearn has become a valuable resource for educators, parents and therapists working with students of all ages with severe, profound and complex additional needs.

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What HelpKidzLearn offers.

HelpKidzLearn stands as a valuable resource for special needs education, offering accessible, engaging and customisable software that empowers students to learn, grow and achieve their full potential. • Develop access skills with game-based activities in Games and Activities. • Enjoy personalised choice-making activities in ChooseIt Maker. • Access readymade curriculum activities in ChooseIt Readymades. • Become story tellers using interactive sensory stories with Inclusive Stories. • Or use eye tracking technology to assess and develop visual learning skills through engaging, game-based assessment activities with Insight.

What Helpkidzlearn Offers

Created with your help.

Each HelpKidzLearn product, feature or new functionality is thoroughly reviewed by our expert steering group, formed over the years to include highly experienced educators, teachers, therapists and parents. Their valuable feedback is sought before, during and after the design process to ensure we create the best possible service we can

Created With Your Help

We've won quite a lot of awards!

We are starting to realise our dream, having won many awards for our innovative products and content, we now reach an online subscriber base of over 6,500 schools world-wide and a growing number of families at home.

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HelpKidzLearn has received numerous testimonials and case studies that highlight the platform's effectiveness in improving engagement, motivation and learning outcomes for children with special needs.

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What does the future look like?

HelpKidzLearn has been consistently updated and expanded over the years, adding new products, activities, accessibility features and customisation options. We’re continually developing new educational content and plan to expand our range of products and functionality to further engage children’s interest and to make learning fun in as many ways as we can.

What Does The Future Look Like

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