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Hundreds of accessible game-based learning activities, categorised by learning objectives and designed to engage, motivate and teach a progression of skills.

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Essential tool for each educators toolkit.

Whether you're an educator, therapist, or parent, HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities offers a valuable toolkit and a diverse library of accessible, game-based learning experiences designed to engage and motivate learners of all abilities. Each accessible activity caters to a wide range of special educational needs and develops crucial skills through fun and interactive play.

Carefully graded learning objectives.

Games & Activities are organised into meaningful learning objectives, beginning with foundational concepts like Cause and Effect, helping students understand that they can extend influence and control over their immediate environment; Through to more complex activities and Choice Making, where students develop skills such as exploration, decision making, problem-solving, and object association.

Learning Objectives

Progress through milestones one step at a time.

Each Learning Objective is split into Key Milestones and arranged in a logical sequence, building upon each other to gradually develop skills. You'll see your students master the fundamentals before progressing through more advanced challenges, gaining a sense of accomplishment, confidence, and a love for learning.


Inclusive and accessible activities.

Our Games and Activities embrace inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring everyone can join the learning fun! No matter your student's physical abilities or preferred learning style, they'll find a way to interact and engage. Each activity can be accessed by a wide variety of access methods including mouse and keyboard, touch screens and interactive classroom displays, one or two switches and eye gaze technology.

Accessible Activities

Easily find associated activities.

No more hunting for the perfect activity! Right there in "Similar Games", you'll find a curated selection of activities directly linked to each key milestone. With our milestone-mapped previews, you'll never be without a plan to engage and motivate your learners. It's learning tailored to individual needs, delivered through the power of play.

Associated Resources

Ensure your student is motivated and engaged.

Games & Activities are language independent and are designed to include captivating animations, simple clear graphics, music and sound effects which will engage your learners and make learning ‘fun’. Graphics are presented in high-contrast colours and many activities are set against a black background. Auditory cues and attention prompts are also used to help learners with a visual impairment and perceptual difficulties enjoy the experience too.

Motivating Engaging

Performance recording and assessment.

Games & Activities provide the tools to help assess a learner’s baseline, set achievable learning milestones and provide all the help you need to teach important skills in a way which is both meaningful and motivating. With this information, you can plan routes to success for learners using their device to access learning, leisure and communication.

Recording Assessment

Play activities on most devices.

Forget the limitations of specific hardware, our engaging Games and Activities can be played securely online via Windows and Mac PC, or Chromebook. Alternatively, learners can play all touch-accessible Games & Activities directly on an iPad using supported browsers. Unleash learning fun on any platform with HelpKidzLearn's device-agnostic activities!

Access Anywhere

Games & Activities – Commitment to student data privacy.

Games & Activities have been rigorously tested and assessed to be COPPA, FERPA, and CSPC compliant, meaning they meet the strictest standards for security and student privacy set forth by these leading data privacy laws.

Ikeepsafe Games And Activities

Learning progression and outcomes guidebook.

Download our FREE Games & Activities learning progression and outcomes guidebook. This document will help you assess your learner’s baseline, set achievable learning milestones and provide you with all the help you need to teach these important skills in a way which is both meaningful and motivating for your students. With this information, you can plan routes to success for learners using their devices to access communication, learning and leisure.

Games And Activities Guidebook

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    We love your website and use it frequently during our assessments and interventions for children with severe disabilities.
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    I work with students with Autism who are largely nonverbal. I have had great success using the HelpKidzLearn website to engage students with their AAC devices. I have a young girl who was not easy to engage, but once she heard Five Big Dinosaurs, she was hooked! She's progressed now to using so many words to request different songs, making me forever grateful for HelpKidzLearn!
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    Access + Engagement = SUCCESS! HelpKidzLearn has consistently provided high-quality creative supports for students who struggle with access.

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