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Engaging, interactive sensory stories and resources designed to focus on a range of learning intentions, developmental areas and topics relevant for learners with a wide range of educational needs.

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Multi-sensory story telling for learners with a wide range of learning disabilities.

Inclusive Stories has been specially designed to create universally enjoyable experiences that engage all story explorers whilst making learning environments fun, meaningful and interactive. Additionally, they transform and update the humble sensory story into an adaptable Inclusive Story, by providing modern, vibrant storytelling methods and technologically impressive ways to access and share content.

Sensory experiences and play.

Inclusive Stories is a powerful tool for a teacher's toolkit, specifically for learners with a wide range of learning disabilities. Sensory experiences and play helps students to learn more about the world around them and supports language development as they learn to respond to different stimuli. Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. Used widely in a range of educational settings, Inclusive Stories are fundamental for helping with cognitive development, sensory processing, communication skills, switching skills, cause and effect, building confidence, fostering repetition, reducing anxiety, sensory loss, AAC and much more.

Sensory Experiences

Learning and development.

Inclusive Stories have been carefully collated into 12 meaningful categories and specially written to address functional skills and cross-curricular personal development, e.g. SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) and SEMH (social, emotional and mental health). Inclusive Stories also cover an array of topics including literacy, numeracy, science, computing, arts, humanities, PHSCE, physical education, design and technology and much more.

Learning Development

Multi-layered educational activities.

Inclusive Stories are fun and extremely versatile activities that meet a huge range of learning intentions. These literacy-rich, deceptively simple stories are written to engage all learners, irrespective of ability, barriers to learning or age. These beautifully animated stories are designed to enhance a variety of prerequisite skills such as sensory processing skills, early communication skills, motor skills, understanding and application of cause and effect, access skills and more; They also teach more explicit topics in highly engaging and appropriate ways, such as radicalisation, proprioception, stranger danger, the importance of personal hygiene and so much more!

Educational Activities

Hundreds of appropriate, enjoyable, differentiated, fun resources.

Each Inclusive Story has accompanying resources, including in-depth delivery guidance, assessment and recording sheets, props lists, printables, symbol lists for AAC, cross-curricular ideas, a recipe book and more. Each resource has been designed to help teachers and professionals maximise the educational value of each tale, significantly extending their effectiveness. The purpose of these activities is to motivate story explorers whilst contributing significantly to teacher or practitioner wellbeing.


Accessible activities for all.

Inclusive Stories embraces inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring everyone can join the learning fun! No matter your student's physical abilities or preferred learning style, they'll find a way to interact and engage. Each activity can be accessed by a wide variety of access methods including: • Mouse and keyboard. • One or two switch access. • Touch screens, iPad and Android tablets. • Interactive classroom displays. • Eye gaze technology.

Accessible Activities

Play activities on most devices.

Forget the limitations of specific hardware, our engaging Inclusive Stories can be played securely online via Windows and Mac PC or Chromebook. Alternatively, learners can play Inclusive Stories directly on an iPad using supported browsers. Unleash learning fun on any platform with Inclusive Stories device-agnostic activities!

Access Anywhere

Universal benefits.

Research has identified that multi-sensory storytelling can help individuals with a wide range of learning disabilities: • PMLD: Sensory rich experiences that allow for structured exploration and repetition leading to increased anticipation and engagement. • ASD: The safe, predictable nature of the stories lend themselves well to students with Autism. Excellent for sensory processing disorders and for facilitating symbol-based and other augmentative communication systems. • SLD: The simple and engaging nature of the stories help develop a range of numeracy & literacy skills. Targeted stories help focus on PSD, communication, independence, ICT and many more skills & concepts.

Universal Benefits


• SEMH: Familiar stories and routines can help reduce anxieties and offer opportunities to interact with others in a structured way. The humorous and mischievous nature of many of the stories appeal to more challenging students and the structure and adaptability can help enormously. • ESOL: Highly sensory approach ensures listeners aren't overly reliant on receptive communication. Excellent for AAC users too. • Predominant Neurotype: Engaging, inclusive stories that appeal to all learning styles and are universal for development of all learning. Children, teens and adults respond very positively. • Dementia: Inclusive Stories can help with sensory loss and can alleviate associated lethargy, confusion and disorientation.

Universal Benefits 2

Inclusive Stories – Safe and secure learning.

Dive into fun and learning with confidence! Inclusive Stories is COPPA, FERPA, and CSPC certified, ensuring your student’s information is safeguarded by the strongest data privacy regulations.

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BETT Education Winner.

The BETT Awards reward products and services that make a distinct contribution to supporting learners with special educational needs. We were extremely pleased to announce that Inclusive Stories was named BETT Award Winner for SEND Resources Products & Services 2023. Criteria that products are judged against include the following measures: • Distinction and innovation • Parental accessibility and engagement • Inclusivity, digital accessibility and usability • Online safety, and more.

Bett Winner

Education Resources Awards (ERA) Winner.

The ERA highlights the quality and diversity of educational products and resources in the UK. We are delighted to inform you that Inclusive Stories was named Education Resources Award Winner 2023 in the category of Special Education Resource or Equipment.

Era Winner

A Pete Wells creation.

Pete is an award-winning SEN teacher and senior leader, proudly working for learners of all ages with special educational needs. He is best known for writing and animating amusing multi-sensory stories, which he has been producing for over twenty years! Inclusive Stories are used by educators to bring a range of sensory experiences and enjoyment for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Pete Wells

Used by thousands of storytellers worldwide.

Read testimonials and case studies from your peers using Inclusive Stories with their students to create engaging sensory experiences.

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