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HelpKidzLearn supports accessible, personalised learning in special education classrooms and schools. See how educators have successfully implemented HelpKidzLearn products for intervention, engagement, motivation, learning and more.

  • Lekotek Logo

    Games & Activities

    "If I was asked the question 'if I could only choose one software program, what would it be?', I would choose HelpKidzLearn. As a Lekotek Leader, I would have no trouble finding activities on HelpKidzLearn Games and Activities that match the needs of the children who attend Lekotek. I value the extensive range of activities available within HelpKidzLearn."
    Lekotek Square Logo
    Lekotek of Georgia, US.
  • Ysgol Crug Glas Long Logo

    ChooseIt Maker and Games and Activities

    “The fact HelpKidzLearn works with many access technologies is a key reason for using it. The user-friendly nature of HelpKidzLearn is another big plus - staff find it simple to adjust access settings for each child”.
    Ysgol Crug Glas Square Logo
    Ysgol Crug Glas
    Swansea, Wales, UK.
  • Holly Grove Logo

    ChooseIt Maker

    "We didn't use anything else before ChooseIt Maker; we haven't come across anything as good or as easy to use. Observing these children actively selecting and enjoying their chosen activities, with evident delight on their faces, is a truly touching and moving experience."
    Holly Grove Icon
    Holly Grove Primary School
    Burnley, Lancashire, UK.
  • St Johns Logo

    Inclusive Stories

    "We have so many magical moments with our children when using the HelpKidzLearn software – they happen daily. We often get responses we’ve never experienced before such as a smile, look or movement, so we know the students are really engaged and enjoying using it."
    St Johns Icon
    St John’s Primary School
    Isle of Man.
  • Pendle View School Logo (1)

    Games and Activities

    “The technical advances that have been available from HelpKidzLearn, through the use of their Games & Activities working with different access technologies such as eye gaze and switches, have helped us to understand what our students can understand.”
    Pendle View Primary School
    Colne, England.
  • Pendle View School Logo (1)

    ChooseIt Maker

    "One of our biggest challenges is getting the children engaged and focused from the very beginning, for example in music class, we've been learning about different instruments and whether the children can recognise them. ChooseIt Maker allowed us to create engaging activities that sparked their interest."
    Pendle View Primary School
    Colne, England.
  • Pendle View School Logo (1)


    “Haris's visual attention scores soared to an impressive 70% and above, with his ability to notice images consistently exceeding 90%. This all created evidence for us to put together a bigger portfolio and develop our understanding of Haris and what his needs are and where we can go with that.”
    Pendle View Primary School
    Colne, England.

Award-winning accessible software.

Over the years HelpKidzLearn and our products have won awards from both sides of the Atlantic recognising us as an innovative company committed to serving the special needs community around the world.

  • Bett Winner Generic

    BETT Award Winner

    SEND Resources Products & Services.
  • ERA Winner Generic

    Education Resource Awards Winner

    Special Education Resource or Equipment.
  • SIIA Codie Winner Generic

    SIIA CODiE Award Winner

    Best Solution for Students with Special Needs.
  • Queens Award Winner Generic

    The Queens Award for Enterprise Winner

    Innovation & International Trade.
  • Business Excellence Winner Generic

    Business Excellence Award Winner

    Innovation in Special Education Needs Software.

Trusted by 5,000+ schools and districts in 50+ countries

HelpKidzLearn is proud to celebrate almost 20 years at the heart of learning; Helping schools teach their students with special needs through accessible, engaging, and effective learning experiences.

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