Tracking and Assessment.

Record and share your learner’s performance, progression and achievements; Easily pinpoint skills that learners are struggling with, track progress and identify areas for improvement.

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Effective learning and growth.

In special education, tracking assessment unlocks understanding of individual needs, guides effective instruction, fosters collaboration and demonstrates student progress. Tracking and assessment pave the way for success and the cornerstones of effective learning and growth for several key reasons:

Effective Learning

Identifying unique needs.

Assessment data is more than just numbers—it's the foundation for crafting individualised Education Programs (IEPs) that cater to each student's distinct strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. It also helps identify areas where early support is essential to prevent any potential learning gaps from widening.

Identifying Unique Needs

Monitoring progress and measuring effectiveness.

Through regular assessments you’re able to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching strategies. This empowers you to make informed adjustments to Individualised Education Programs (IEPs) as needed, ensuring each child receives the tailored support they deserve. We recognise the importance of celebrating achievements, as seeing their progress can be incredibly motivating for learners, boosting their confidence and fostering a deeper engagement in learning.

Monitoring Progress

Communication and collaboration.

Tracking and assessments help with clear communication between teachers, parents and other professionals involved in a student's education, ensuring that everyone is aligned on progress and support needs. This shared understanding forms the foundation for effective collaboration, enabling teams to work together seamlessly and develop comprehensive support plans that address the holistic needs of each child.

Communication Collaboration

How HelpKidzLearn supports tracking & assessment.

  • Games And Activities 200X200

    Games & Activities

    Our Games & Activities software provides everything you need to assess a learner's starting point, set achievable milestones and teach crucial skills in a way that's not just engaging but downright fun! Each activity is broken down into key learning milestones that help you to set a learner’s baseline. We also have a Learning Progression and Outcomes Guidebook to plan routes to success and monitor progress.
  • Chooseit Maker 200X200

    ChooseIt Maker

    Every ChooseIt Maker activity you create will automatically record the learner’s progression and achievements based on the questions they have answered. These results can be saved for your records or shared with the learner’s friends and family. We also have a Choice Making Progression Guide with 26 ready-made activities and instructions on how to set up activities that progress from basic choices through to more advanced choice making selections.
  • Chooseit Readymades 200X200

    ChooseIt Readymades

    Like ChooseIt Maker, our Readymades offers automatic reports based on the activities your learners have completed. They’re displayed in an easy-to-understand way that can be shared with the learner's family, other educators or even the learners themselves. Our Intuitive and visual analytics provide relevant data, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best: teach.
  • Insight 200X200


    Our Insight software is perfect for assessing your learner’s visual learning skills with the use of an eye-tracker. After each activity, Insight provides detailed reports that transform your learner’s performance data into engaging and easy to understand progression reports. These can then be saved, printed and shared with other educators or family members.

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