Choice Making Progression Guidebook.

Learn about choice progression, create activities ranging from ‘question and response’ through ‘more than 2’ and beyond, and download free activities.

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Everything you need to get started with ChooseIt Maker.

• What is ChooseIt Maker? • An introduction to the progression of choice-making. • An overview of choice-making stages. • Ideas for activities you can create. • 26 free activities to download.

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Progression plays a crucial role.

Seeing tangible progression through achievable goals will fuel your students’ desire to learn. The ChooseIt Maker Choice Making Progression Guidebook will help you create individualised learning activities to help build confidence, self-esteem and progress through achievable choice-making goals.

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Individualised learning.

It's important to remember that progress in special education isn't always linear and may look different for each student. Focusing on individual growth, celebrating small wins and utilising diverse assessment methods are crucial for fostering meaningful and sustainable progress in special education settings.

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