Help Your Students with Speech Delays Find Their Voice.

We understand that some children take longer to develop their speech and language skills than others. There's no need to worry – it's like some little learners are in a rowing boat, taking a scenic route, while others zip along in a speedboat. They'll all get to their destination eventually, and sometimes they just need a little extra help with the oars! At HelpKidzLearn, we created our software with these special learners in mind. We know how frustrating it can be for children who struggle to express themselves, and how important it is for them to feel supported and confident.

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What is speech and language developmental delay (SLDD)?

Approximately one out of five children may learn to talk or use words later than their peers. This could impact on behaviour problems due to frustration when they can’t express their wants and needs. Some speech delays may be temporary and may resolve on their own or with a little extra help from educators, families, carers and therapists. This can happen for many reasons, including oral motor problems, hearing difficulties, or even conditions like autism. The important thing to remember is that these delays can be temporary and with the right help, children with SLDD can catch up to their peers.

What Is Sldd

Helping students with SLDD blossom.

That's where HelpKidzLearn comes in. We offer a fun and interactive learning environment designed to support children with Speech and Language Developmental Delay (SLDD). Through a variety of game-based learning activities that are not only fun but also tailored to help children with different learning needs. These activities allow children to practice and improve their speech and language skills at their own pace, in a way that suits their unique way. Our software provides visual cues, symbols, and pictures to enhance understanding and communication which helps support children with SLDD.

Helping Students Blossom

Made for playful learning.

We know the best way for children to learn is through play. That's why HelpKidzLearn features a variety of engaging games and activities that encourage interaction, turn-taking, and conversation. These activities spark curiosity and keep children actively involved in their learning journey, which is essential for language development. In particular, our sequential activities within our ‘Games & Activities’ is a great resource for helping children develop language and communication skills. For example, our counting songs like ‘Five Little Ducks’ help to engage and support our learning with engaging songs, along with using sensory resources to enrich the learning environment making learning fun.

Made For Playful Learning

Building confidence and independence.

Children using HelpKidzLearn can engage in cooperative play and communication with peers. This approach helps to develop social skills and helps them build connections and confidence. Social Interaction for children with SLDD who may struggle with social communication can be facilitated by accessing activities in HelpKidzLearn. Our software offers games that encourage interaction, turn-taking, and language development.

Building Confidence

ChooseIt Maker – a game changer for speech therapy.

HelpKidzLearn ChooseIt Maker allows you to create activities for each child’s unique needs. The flexibility of the software ensures that children can receive targeted support based on their specific language challenges. With ChooseIt Maker, you can personalise activities for your learner. That means being able to upload photos and images of their favourite characters, places people or sounds. You can even record audio directly. You can also use ChooseIt Maker as a way for children to communicate. With over 30,000 symbols from SymbolStix, Widget Symbols and Inclusive Technology, children can use it to select activities, snack choices and more. The possibilities are endless. There’s also built-in text-to-speech which promotes independence by not relying on an adult for support. It also gives children the opportunity to listen to sounds or words reinforcing language development and listening skills.

Chooseit Maker

Readymades – a great literacy tool.

Similar to ChooseIt Maker, our Readymades offers multiple choice options. In particular, our Literacy activities, students can begin to develop skills including speaking and listening, reading and writing. They can develop an early understanding of letter formation, phonics and sounds and more. With spoken reinforcement and full auditory support included to better enable students to improve their early communication skills.


Sensory storytelling for deeper understanding.

HelpKidzLearn includes story-based activities that help children learn about narratives, sequencing, and context. These activities encourage language comprehension and expression. Our Inclusive Stories are beautiful created to engage children and provide sensory-rich content, to encourage sensory play that can help language development. Additionally, learners can make choices within the stories, promoting decision-making and communication. Each story also includes symbol lists for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), aiding non-verbal communication. Each Inclusive Story includes ‘Share Codes’ to use within ChooseIt Maker, to build activities about the stories to further support language development.

Sensory Storytelling

Accessibility for all.

All our activities are accessible with a variety of devices and access methods such as switches, touch screens, eye gaze and more. We want to remove any barriers to learning and let all children enjoy the activities that will help them develop their language skills.

Accessible For All

Celebrating milestones.

Every step forward is a cause for celebration! HelpKidzLearn allows you to track a child's progress over time. This data helps you set goals, personalise activities even further, and create a truly individualised learning experience. At HelpKidzLearn, we believe that every child deserves the chance to explore, learn, and grow. By making our software accessible and engaging for children with SLDD, we hope to help children open their world, a little bit at a time.

Celebrate Milestones


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    My school district has used HelpKidzLearn for several years. We have seen students show their great learning potential through the use of your adaptive games and activities.
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    Access + Engagement = SUCCESS! HelpKidzLearn has consistently provided high-quality creative supports for students who struggle with access.
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    I work with students with Autism who are largely nonverbal. I have had great success using the HelpKidzLearn website to engage students with their AAC devices. I have a young girl who was not easy to engage, but once she heard Five Big Dinosaurs, she was hooked! She's progressed now to using so many words to request different songs, making me forever grateful for HelpKidzLearn!

See how HelpKidzLearn can provide a unique and effective learning experience for your students with SLDD.

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