Empowering Learners with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC).

Traditional learning methods can feel restrictive and overwhelming for many learners with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC). However, there is a powerful solution that can spark engagement, motivation, and a love of learning: game-based learning with HelpKidzLearn!

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What is ASC/ASD?

Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a lifelong condition. With autism, no two people are the same, which is what makes ASC so interesting. It affects how people communicate, socialise, and experience the world around them. ASC can be diagnosed at any age, and sometimes co-occurs with ADHD. Some amazing learners with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) might seem more interested in exploring the world on their own terms. They might prefer solo play or find friends in different age groups. This is because social cues can be a bit like a secret code, and it can be tricky to crack sometimes. That is okay! They might just need a little extra help starting conversations or joining in. The cool thing about ASC is that kids can develop incredible focus on things they love, becoming real experts! They might also like to keep things predictable, and changes can feel a bit surprising.

What Is Asc Asd

Designed for learners with Autism.

HelpKidzLearn is proud to celebrate almost 20 years of collaborating with teachers, therapists, and SEN (Special Educational Needs) professionals to design and build our accessible, award-winning products to ensure they cater to the specific needs of diverse learners, including ASC. Our game-based approach makes learning fun and interactive; capturing the attention of learners with ASC and motivating them to actively participate. Learners can explore, experiment, play, make choices, and feel empowered to learn.

Designed For Learners

Routine and predictability.

HelpKidzLearn products have clear rules and objectives, providing a structured learning environment that feels comfortable and familiar for learners with ASC. This predictability helps reduce anxiety and allows learners to focus on the task at hand.

Routine And Predictibility

Safe and supportive environment.

Learners can practice skills in an enclosed, safe environment; enabling them to master skills through repeated practice without fear of failure. Learners can revisit activities as needed, building confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Safe And Supportive Environment

Visually stimulating activities.

Many of our game-based learning activities have been developed in conjunction with specialist teachers in the field of visual impairment. The activities include vibrant visuals, animations, and clear instructions and have been specially designed for use with children with low vision and cater to the visual strengths of many learners with ASC. This visual support aids in information processing and comprehension, making learning more accessible and engaging.

Visually Stimulating

Essential skills for learners with ASC.

HelpKidzLearn goes beyond just entertainment; it offers a comprehensive approach to skill development, featuring a wide range of activities targeting various essential skills for learners with ASC, including communication, social interaction, motor skills, cognitive skills, and academic subjects. This holistic approach ensures well-rounded learning and addresses a variety of developmental needs.

Essential Skills

Accessibility is at the heart of what we do.

We understand that every learner is unique. This is why many HelpKidzLearn products offer adjustable difficulty levels, input methods (e.g. switch access, touch access or eye gaze access), and content. This flexibility allows educators and parents to personalise the learning experience to perfectly suit everyone's needs and learning style.

Accessibility Is At The Heart

Reward and motivation.

HelpKidzLearn also incorporates a positive reinforcement through activities that provide immediate feedback and rewards for correct responses. All learners, including those with ASC feel motivated and encourages desired behaviours, and celebrates their progress.

Reward And Motivation

Progress monitoring and assessment.

Some of our activities including ChooseIt Maker and ChooseIt Readymades provide valuable data on a learner's progress. Enabling you to track areas of strength and weakness, identify where additional support may be needed, and measure the effectiveness of learning strategies. This data-driven approach ensures that learning is targeted and optimised for each learner.

Progress Monitoring
  • Monroe2boces

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

    I work with students with Autism who are largely nonverbal. I have had great success using the HelpKidzLearn website to engage students with their AAC devices. I have a young girl who was not easy to engage, but once she heard Five Big Dinosaurs, she was hooked! She's progressed now to using so many words to request different songs, making me forever grateful for HelpKidzLearn!
  • Pendle View School Logo (1)

    Pendle View Primary School

    Our students have a variety of needs, primarily autism. When planning lessons, it's crucial to consider how each child will access the material. One of our biggest challenges is getting the children engaged and focused from the very beginning, for example in music class, we've been learning about different instruments and whether the children can recognise them. ChooseIt Maker allowed us to create engaging activities that sparked their interest.

See how HelpKidzLearn can provide a unique and effective learning experience for your students with ASC.

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