CSPC Compliance at HelpKidzLearn Hub.

We have achieved a new milestone in data privacy protection – we're now CSPC compliant! This means you can leverage our engaging learning activities with even greater confidence, knowing student data is secured under California's most stringent student privacy laws.

Cspc Compliance At Hkl

What is CSPC?

The California Student Privacy Collected Protection Act (CSPC) is a California law that builds upon existing student data privacy protections like FERPA. CSPC specifically focuses on the collection and use of student data by online service providers working with schools. Compliance entails stricter regulations for these providers, requiring them to obtain clear and specific consent from parents before collecting any student data beyond what's necessary for the platform's function. This includes transparent data practices, allowing schools and parents to access and delete student information upon request.

What Is Cspc

The benefits of CSPC compliance.

For schools and educators in California, CSPC compliance with HelpKidzLearn Hub offers several benefits. Firstly, it demonstrates a commitment to exceeding data privacy standards, building trust with parents. Secondly, the platform's adherence to these stricter regulations helps ensure an extra layer of security for student information. This allows educators to use HelpKidzLearn Hub with confidence, knowing student data is protected under both federal and state law.

The Benefits Of Cspc

Governing student data privacy.

California Student Privacy Certification assesses for federal and California laws governing student data privacy, including: • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) • Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (“PPRA”) • California Education Code 49073.6 – Collection of Student Information from Social Media • California AB 1584, Education Code section 49073.1 – Privacy of Pupil Records: 3rd-Party Digital • Storage & Education Software • Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (“SOPIPA”)

Govening Student Data

Certified safe for student data by iKeepSafe.

Give your students a safe learning environment with confidence! HelpKidzLearn Hub has undergone a rigorous assessment by iKeepSafe, a trusted child safety organization, to ensure compliance with not just COPPA, but also California's CSPC regulations. This independent certification demonstrates our commitment to exceeding the highest standards for student data privacy. You can focus on delivering engaging lessons knowing student information is protected under both federal and state law.

Certified Safe For Students

Secure & privacy-focused for educators.

Educators, prioritise student data privacy with confidence! HelpKidzLearn Hub has earned iKeepSafe CSPC certification, demonstrating our commitment to the highest data security standards through an independent assessment by a trusted child safety organisation. This not only assures parents and students of our dedication to privacy but also simplifies compliance for you. By navigating complex regulations for you, we enable you to focus on engaging lessons and confidently choose a platform that prioritises student privacy, ultimately building trust within the entire school community.

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We encourage you to review our full privacy policy for more details on our CSPC compliance practices.

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