One Size Does Not Fit All!

Standardised approaches fall short for students with special educational needs (SEN). Instead, highlight their unique learning styles, strengths and weaknesses through personalisation.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Cater for individual learning styles.

Every student learns differently, and a uniform approach fails to recognise their diverse learning styles, limiting the effectiveness of their learning experience. HelpKidzLearn enables you to tailor content to your student’s specific learning style, choose activities suitable to their pace of learning and help determine their preferences.

Personalised student profiles.

By creating student profiles, you can create a personalised, motivating, engaging and accessible environment where they can thrive. Watch their self-confidence grow as they master activities designed especially for them. Creating profiles is simple with HelpKidzLearn: Add their name (or identifying word) and choose their favourite character, avatar and colour.

Personalised Student Profiles

Preferred method of access.

To ensure that your student’s learning experience is seamless, you can tailor activities to launch with their preferred method of access applied. This includes mouse, one or two switch access, touch or eye gaze; You can even configure their access settings, e.g. switch scanning speed, eye gaze dwell time and more.

Preferred Method Of Access

Create and manage groups.

For you the educator, student profiles can be organised into groups using the simple management tool. Ideal when using HelpKidzLearn with a class or large group of students.

Manage Groups

Available across all HelpKidzLearn services.

Student Profiles will work with HelpKidzLearn subscriptions including game-based learning activities in Games & Activities, with readymade curriculum activities and choice-making activities in ChooseIt Readymades and ChooseIt Maker and with sensory stories in Inclusive Stories.

Available Across All Services

Tailor the learning experience to each student's needs.

By moving away from the rigid "one size fits all" approach and embracing personalised learning, we can create an inclusive and effective educational experience for all students, especially those with special educational needs. This ensures that every student has the opportunity to learn, grow and reach their full potential.

Tailor The Expereince

Tailor the learning experience with HelpKidzLearn.