Inclusive Education for ALL Students!

Every child regardless of ability has the right to quality education and learning.

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Barriers to an inclusive education.

There are millions of students with physical disabilities, sensory impairments and learning difficulties worldwide. Like all children, studends with special educational needs require a quality education to develop their skills and realize their full potential. Yet they are frequently overlooked, which restricts their access to education and hampers their involvement in everyday life, as they encounter persistent barriers to education.

Barriers To An Inclusive Education

Getting all children in school and learning.

An inclusive education is all about creating a learning environment that welcomes and supports all students, regardless of their abilities or needs. Students with special educational needs will learn alongside their peers in mainstream education classrooms, with the right tools and support systems in place to ensure their success.

Getting All Children In School Learning

HelpKidzLearn promotes inclusive education.

Our daily focus is to create accessible online products that enables students of all abilities to play, learn and achieve whilst learning alongside their friends in the classroom. Ever since its launch, HelpKidzLearn has become a valuable resource for educators, parents and therapists working with students of all ages with severe, profound and complex additional needs.

HKL Promotes Inclusive Education

Closing the gap for children with disabilities.

At HelpKidzLearn we embrace inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring everyone can join the learning fun! No matter your student's physical abilities or preferred learning style, they will find a way to interact and engage.

Our mission...

  • Equal opportunities: Enable students with special needs access to the same curriculum and learning opportunities as their classmates through accessible learning activities.

  • Support and guidance: Give schools access to support to help tailor learning experiences to each student's specific needs. This could include things like assistive technology, resource specialists or individualised learning plans.

  • Removing barriers: Create all online activities and learning materials to ensure accessibility for all students, regardless of ability.

  • Enhanced social skills and self-esteem: Inclusive education is at the forefront of everything we do. Our inclusive software improves social development, communication skills and self-confidence for students with SEN.

  • Rewarding experience: To build a rewarding experience for students and educators. Witnessing the progress and success of students with SEN in an inclusive setting can be a very rewarding experience for educators.

Inclusive learning experiences.

HelpKidzLearn offers a wealth of accessible products. Whether you are looking to teach access skills through accessible game-based learning activities, categorised by learning objectives, designed to teach a progression of skills or create personalised choice-making activities, learn with thousands of readymade multiple-choice curriculum activities and so much more. We have the right tools for you.

Learning New Experiences

Promote an inclusive education with HelpKidzLearn.