Personalised Learning Gets a Playlist Boost!

We are excited to announce the release of new Student Profile Playlists.

Empowering educators to tailor learning experiences.

HelpKidzLearn is revolutionising personalised learning with the introduction of Student Profile Playlists. This new and innovative feature allows teachers to curate custom playlists of activities designed to cater to each student's preferences and unique needs and interests.

Empowering Educators

Creating the perfect learning mix.

Teachers can now search for, and seamlessly integrate a student's favourite activities from across the entire HelpKidzLearn product suite* into a single, personalised playlist. This flexibility empowers educators to design learning journeys that are tailored to individual learning styles, preferences, and skill sets. *Games and Activities, ChooseIt Maker, ChooseIt Readymades and Inclusive Stories.

Creating The Perfect Learning Mix

Streamlined learning experience.

Student Profile Playlists offer two convenient playback options. Teachers can either launch individual activities within the playlist as usual, or utilise the autoplay function, which seamlessly transitions in a sequence from one activity to the next, creating a smooth learning sequence for the students.

Streamlined Learning

Enhanced control with new player menus.

The new playlist update also introduces new player menus, enabling teachers to skip, edit and manage playlist content within the activities themselves. These menus allow for effortless updates, and rearrangement of activities within the playlist, ensuring students remain engaged and motivated during their session. This is particularly useful if the student is feeling tired and is seemingly not interested in specific activities.

Enhanced Control

Custom learning journeys.

HelpKidzLearn's Student Profile Playlists represent a significant leap forward in personalised learning. By empowering educators to curate custom learning journeys, this innovative feature maximises the potential for deeper engagement, improved learning outcomes, and a more positive learning environment for all students.

Custom Learning Journeys

More to come for student playlists.

Work has now begun on improving playlists even further. We intend to provide the ability for teachers to add activities to playlists directly from individual product interfaces. We will also be updating the search functionality within the playlist interface to ensure that finding activities the student will be interested in is quick and simple. Watch this space 👀

Coming Soon

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