FREE EURO 2024 ChooseIt Maker Activity 🏆

Get ready to cheer on England in the EURO 2024 Quarter Finals happening on 6th July with a fun and FREE interactive activity from HelpKidzLearn!

Free Euro 2024 Activity

Quarter Final Activity.

We've created a special ChooseIt Maker activity packed with England vs Switzerland and EURO content to help young learners celebrate and explore the beautiful game!

Quater Final Activity

How to play?

Simply use the share code by logging into ChooseIt Maker or download the FREE Player App, and then select ‘Redeem Share Code’. Use share code: YEJYJE

How To Play

What’s Included?

This interactive activity uses the thrill of the EUROs to help children of all abilities participate and learn in a fun way: • Interactive quiz: Test their knowledge with exciting trivia questions presented in multiple formats (pictures, audio, or text) to suit different learning styles. Can they become EURO experts? • Score and winning goal predictions: Children can use picture prompts and simple choices to predict the score and who will score the winning goal. • Find the odd one out: Challenge their observation skills with a fun guessing game! Can they spot the incorrect picture or word related to England's team or the Euros?

Whats Included

ChooseIt Maker: Perfect for ALL learning styles.

ChooseIt Maker is a fantastic tool where you can create and play personalised choice-making learning activities. It’s great because it allows children to participate actively, regardless of their communication style through touch screen, interactive boards, switches, eyegaze and more. This makes it ideal for special needs learners because it offers: • Multiple choice formats: Children can choose their answers through pictures, audio, or simple text options. • Visual aids: Pictures and clear visuals help support understanding and keep them engaged. • Simple choices: Straightforward error-free options make it easier for children to participate and feel successful.

Perfect For All Learning Styles

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