New Story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the "Terrible" Troll.

Are you ready for a fresh take on a classic? We're excited to share a modern retelling of the Brothers Grimm's beloved "Three Billy Goats Gruff" fairy tale! This new spin features a mischievous online personality instead of the grumpy troll from the original story.

Three Billy Goats And The Troll

How can I use the story?

The Three Billy Goats and the Troll is a great story for topics focused on bullying, discrimination, fairy tales, online safety, stranger danger and travel. It’s great for: • Sensory Adventures: This story can be a delightful sensory experience for younger listeners. • Digital Smarts: It can spark important discussions about safety and responsible behaviour online, ideal for ICT lessons. • Ethical Exploration: It can be a thought-provoking starting point for discussions about inclusivity and respect in PSD sessions. We hope you'll enjoy this reimagining of a timeless tale!

How Can I Use The Story

What’s included with the story?

Every HelpKidzLearn Inclusive Story comes packed with bonus resources to make learning extra fun: • Accessible for Everyone: Read them anywhere, from your phone to a giant interactive whiteboard! You can even use different ways to interact, like tapping the screen, using special switches, or even eye gaze! • Storytelling Made Easy: We've got you covered with a handy printable script and some helpful tips to make your story time extra special. • Track Your Progress: Keep tabs on your little explorer's learning adventure with our recording sheets. These show how your child is engaging with the story, communicating their ideas, and achieving new things. • Communication Boost: We've included symbols for special communication devices (AAC) to help everyone understand and join in the fun. • Creative Corner: Let your child's imagination run wild with printable pictures they can colour in or use for other creative activities. • ChooseIt Maker Magic: Want to take the adventure even further? Combine this story with our ChooseIt Maker program for even more interactive storytelling fun!

Whats Included In The Story

What are Inclusive Stories?

Get ready to explore a world where every child can join the adventure! Our award-winning Inclusive Stories are like magical journeys designed with all abilities in mind. These cleverly written tales may seem simple, but they're packed with opportunities to learn and grow. They're a chance for every child, no matter their background or abilities, to be whisked away on an exciting adventure! While your child enjoys the story, they'll be developing key skills like: • Essential foundations: Sensory processing, communication, and motor skills all get a boost. • Interactive fun: Discover the joy of cause and effect through all the exciting things happening in the story. • Valuable life lessons: Learn important things like staying safe, keeping clean, and overcoming challenges (even grumpy trolls!). Get ready for some fantastic adventures with our Inclusive Stories!

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