HelpKidzLearn's Newest Inclusive Story: Sir Pranceabout and the Dragon!

Get ready for some storytelling fun with the arrival of our newest tale, Sir Pranceabout and the Dragon! Join our dashing hero, Sir Pranceabout, as he encounters a fire-breathing, fearsome dragon! But wait, there's a twist! This isn't your typical knight-fights-dragon story.

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Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales.

Sir Pranceabout, with his bravery and clever thinking, uses surprising methods to win over the grumpy dragon. This heartwarming tale, part of our Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales collection, is designed to engage all children, regardless of age or ability. It develops thinking and problem-solving skills, presenting young story explorers with challenges from a rather tetchy dragon! They'll discover that positivity and pacifism triumph over conflict, teaching valuable life lessons.

Myths Legends And Fairy Tales

What’s included with the story?

Every HelpKidzLearn Inclusive Story comes packed with bonus resources to make learning extra fun: • Accessible for all: Read the story on any device, including interactive whiteboards, and use a variety of access methods like touch, switch, or even eye gaze! • Storytelling tools: A printable script and delivery notes help you get the most out of telling the story. • Track progress: Every Inclusive Story comes with a bespoke set of recording sheets that allow you to evidence your story explorer’s engagement, communication, and achievement whilst taking part in the stories. • Communication boost: Symbols for AAC devices enhance understanding and communication for all learners. • Creative fun: Printable pictures let kids express themselves through colouring and other activities. • ChooseIt Maker magic: Combine Sir Pranceabout with our ChooseIt Maker program for even more interactive storytelling!

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What are Inclusive Stories?

Imagine a world where every child can embark on a fantastical adventure, regardless of their background or abilities. That's the magic of our multi-award winning Inclusive Stories! The cleverly crafted multi-sensory stories are surprisingly simple on the surface, yet rich with opportunities to develop essential skills. Children will be whisked away on exciting journeys while: • Building important foundation skills like sensory processing, communication, and motor skills. • Discovering the joy of cause and effect through interactive elements. • Learning valuable life lessons about stranger danger, personal hygiene, and even overcoming challenges (like maybe a fire-breathing dragon!).

What Are Inclusive Stories

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