HelpKidzLearn Embraces eyetuitive for Eye Tracking Accessibility 👀

We're excited to announce a significant step towards inclusive learning! HelpKidzLearn is a proud partner of eyetuitive, a pioneer in assistive technology solutions for children with special needs.

What's eyetuitive?

eyetuitive is an amazing multi-platform eye tracker that uses clever AI to track eye movements. This means students with special needs can control their Windows and iPad devices simply by where they look. It's like magic, but even better – it's MFi-certified by Apple, so you know it works perfectly with your devices. eyetuitive is small but mighty. It uses advanced tech to track eye movements accurately, even for students who wear glasses. Plus, it's future-proof, so you can be sure of ongoing updates that keep it at the cutting edge. Setting up eyetuitive is a breeze, and there are different mounting options to suit everyone. This means students of all abilities can use it to communicate, learn, and explore independently. They can use special software to talk, access educational apps, and even control things around them.

Introducing Eyetuitive

Compatibility for all HelpKidzLearn products.

Through this collaboration, eyetuitive's revolutionary eye tracker for iPad Pro and Windows works seamlessly with our entire range of award-winning, accessible products! This unlocks a world of possibilities for students who utilise eye gaze technology. eyetuitive transforms iPad and Windows 10/11 devices into user-friendly learning tools specifically designed for children with visual impairments, learning difficulties, and motor skill challenges.

Compatibile With Hkl

How eyetuitive empowers learners:

• Effortless accessibility: eyetuitive leverages eye-tracking technology, allowing students to interact with the screen and HelpKidzLearn content using their eye movements. This eliminates the need for traditional touch or switch controls, promoting independence and participation for all learners. • Enhanced engagement: the interactive nature of the activities keeps students engaged and motivated, making learning a fun and rewarding experience. • Personalised learning: eyetuitive offers a variety of customisable features to cater to individual learning styles and abilities, ensuring all students can access and benefit from HelpKidzLearn's educational resources.

How Eyetuitive Empowers

Inclusive learning opportunities.

Together, HelpKidzLearn and eyetuitive are committed to providing inclusive learning opportunities for all children. This partnership empowers educators and parents with the tools they need to unlock the full potential of every learner. Stay tuned for more exciting developments! We'll be sharing upcoming webinars and resources to help you get started with eyetuitive and unlock a more inclusive learning environment with HelpKidzLearn.

Inclusive Learning Opportunities

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