ChooseIt Maker with Pendle View Primary School.

Unlocking Potential: Pendle View Primary School's Success with HelpKidzLearn's ChooseIt Maker.

The Story of Pendle View Primary School.

Pendle View Primary School based in Lancashire is a vibrant haven where every child's individuality shines. This local authority school welcomes youngsters aged 2 to 11, from nursery to Year 6, with a diverse range of special educational needs. From moderate learning difficulties to physical disabilities and challenges on the autistic spectrum, Pendle View embraces each child and adopts a nurturing environment that lights up their potential. Their commitment goes beyond textbooks. Specialised teaching areas like a physical development room and an ASD intensive support base ensure every child receives the support they need to flourish. It's a place where smiles are as common as sunshine, and where learning feels more like an exciting quest than a chore.

The Story Of Pendle View

The challenge: engaging every learner.

At Pendle View, technology plays a starring role. It empowers children to communicate and access learning in ways that resonate with them. However, catering to such diverse learning styles presents a significant hurdle. Finding software that comprehensively addressed the medical, physical, emotional, and social needs of their students proved challenging, especially when it came to sparking engagement during lessons.

The Challenge
Peter Jackson
Our students have a variety of needs, primarily autism. When planning lessons, it's crucial to consider how each child will access the material. One of our biggest challenges is getting the children engaged and focused from the very beginning, for example in music class, we've been learning about different instruments and whether the children can recognise them. ChooseIt Maker allowed us to create engaging activities that sparked their interest.
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson
Teacher & Assistant Head

The impact: a voice for every child.

"We usually start with basic choices, maybe two images," Peter continues. "The children love the visual aspect and the instant reward of getting it right. We can gradually increase the difficulty, offering up to 6 or 10 images depending on the child." They've even incorporated photos of classmates and staff, creating a sense of familiarity and fun. "The biggest benefit is for non-verbal children," Peter enthuses. "ChooseIt Maker gives them a voice and a way to participate in lessons, giving them increased independence. We use it across various subjects throughout the day – it's a real game-changer!"

The Impact


Pendle View Primary School's success story demonstrates the transformative power of HelpKidzLearn's ChooseIt Maker. By creating engaging, accessible activities, the school has witnessed a surge in student participation and a more inclusive learning environment.

The Summary

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