Inclusive Bundle.

The Inclusive Bundle brings together all our bestselling Inclusive Technology and HelpKidzLearn Apps into one nice bundle that provides everything you need to succeed in the classroom.

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Big Bang Pictures and Big Bang Patterns.

Developed in conjunction with specialist teachers in the field of visual impairment. The activities in both have been specially designed for use with children with low vision, including those with cerebral visual impairments and complex needs. They will provide you with a great range of exciting activities with great audio feedback to encourage and develop visual skills. The comprehensive menus make these apps a powerful tool to help you assess visual preferences, including direction and type of movement, colour combinations and understanding of simple images. Both Apps offer similar comprehensive options for access using touch or switches, colour preferences and reward time, allowing you to identify student preferences and adapt the apps accordingly. This allows you to find activities in both Apps that can interest your student, giving them more varied visual experiences.

Ipad App Bundle Big Bang

Counting Songs 1 and Counting Songs 2.

Counting Songs 1 is principally aimed at young children beginning to count to 5 and Counting Songs 2 has been aimed at older children who may still be working towards developing their counting skills from 1 to 5 but may prefer content more appropriate to their age. There is, however, plenty of fun for both groups in each App, giving even more opportunities for learning in a structured and stimulating way. Both Apps have been specifically designed to give additional support for those with special educational needs and learning difficulties by providing for ease of access with clear contrasting graphics, catchy well recorded songs in a variety of musical styles and with single and two switch access options. They are ideal for individual use or with a group by linking your iPad to a larger display.

Ipad App Bundle Counting Songs

ChooseIt Numeracy, ChooseIt Literacy and ChooseIt Science.

Three ready-made activity sets based on the BETT Award-winning software from Inclusive Technology. The three ChooseIt Apps - Literacy, Numeracy and Science between them contain 640 teacher-designed activities, offering a total of 14,000 pages of simple multiple-choice activities. With their consistent presentation, clear language, switch accessibility and full audio support they are a valuable resource for children with special educational needs. Each activity has a graded sequence of simply presented multiple-choice questions, which are structured using a positive reinforcement strategy. Correct answers give an animated reward and spoken reinforcement.

Ipad App Bundle Chooseit Education

Comprehensive menu options and alternative access.

• Accessible using touch or one and two switch scanning (using available Bluetooth switch interfaces). Key features: • Clear audio and layout with ample-sized touch areas with minimum distraction to allow learners to focus on the activities. • Ideal for learners of all levels of ability, including those with special educational needs.

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