Counting Songs 1 - iPad App.

Counting Songs 1 provides ten fun and engaging counting songs with additional associated activities. The App is ideal for early years children and students with a wide range of special educational needs and learning difficulties at a pre-literacy or early literacy level.

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Cause and effect learning activities.

Counting Songs 1 offers stimulating cause and effect learning activities that engage and encourage early listening and language skills. Children can also learn about numbers from zero to five whilst counting along with the music and high quality voice over.

Counting Songs 1 Learning Activities

Specially written songs.

Counting up (0-5): • Five Brown Teddies • Five Currant Buns • Five in the Bed • Five Little Ducks • Five Little Firefighters • Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer • Five Little Mice Counting down (5-0): • Five Fat Sausages • Five Little Monkeys • Five Little Speckled Frogs

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Switch access for one or two switches is included for users with motor difficulties who need switch input (switches can be connected via a Bluetooth switch interface). The clear, bright and uncluttered layout helps learners with visual and perceptual difficulties to access the switch songs and activities and focus on the learning objectives.

Counting Songs 1 Accessibility

Key features.

• Accessible using touch, or one and two switch scanning. • Bright, clear graphics and simple animation. • Ideal for learners with visual, perceptual and learning difficulties. • Reinforces numbers from zero to five counting up and down. • Lots of opportunity for language and early communication development. • Switch access options included (using available Bluetooth switch interfaces)

Counting Songs 1 Key Features

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