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Developed in conjunction with specialist teachers in the field of visual impairment, the activities have been specially designed for use with children with low vision, including those with cerebral visual impairments and complex needs.

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High-contrast animated images and great sound effects, designed to provide visual stimulation and to develop and assess visual preferences. With a choice of three styles of image and a choice of eight basic foreground and background colours, including black and white, these activities are ideal for the assessment of picture recognition and colour preferences. They are also excellent visual activities for young children who respond to the black and white options and sounds.

Picture Set - Silhouette.

Silhouettes simplify complex images, allowing learners to grasp the overall shape and composition of an object or scene. This can be particularly helpful for those who struggle with processing visual details. The high-contrasting graphics and background, with large movements that are highly attractive, can make it easier for learners with low vision to identify and differentiate objects.

Big Bang Pictures App Silhouette

Picture Set - Simple Line Art.

Simple line art pictures highlight the essential lines and shapes that define the objects, helping learners understand the spatial relationships and proportions between different elements. Line drawings provide more detail than silhouettes, allowing learners to grasp some features like facial expressions.

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Picture Set - Complex Line Art.

Complex line art pictures offer a wealth of information enabling students to experience a more complete and nuanced understanding of the objects. Students may practice describing what they see, improving their vocabulary and communication skills. These more detailed line drawings may also be more appropriate for older students.

Big Bang Pictures App Complex Line Art


Comprehensive options make this a great tool for assessing visual preferences and image recognition offering control of: • Image style - simply choose from one of three styles: silhouette, simple line art or complex line art. • Choice of up to 21 images in each style with a variety of attention-grabbing sound effects and music.

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• Pick from a choice of 8 background and foreground colours, including black and white. • Select a suitable reward animation length. • Single touch access for maximum cause and effect. • Use with one or two switch inputs (suitable switch interface required). • Two switch access option to allow users to step through pictures with one switch and then animate the choice by pressing a second switch.

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