Bitesize Apps for Special Education.

Over 60 iPad Apps aimed at early years and children with special needs, these motivational apps designed by HelpKidzLearn have been carefully selected to meet a range of needs.

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Finger Paint with Sounds.

Explore touch with colour, sounds or music, and the perfect opportunity to finger paint without the mess! A fun alternative to help children with special needs and others to practice their first interactions with a touch screen. Simply choose a colour and draw with music, fun sound effects, or no sound at all.

Bite Size Finger Paint

ChooseIt Maker Player App.

The ChooseIt Maker Player App allows you to download and play personalised ChooseIt Maker activities offline. These may include cause and effect activities, assessment activities, reading and literacy activities, sound lotto and matching games, multiple choice questions, quizzes, communication aids and more!

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Sensory Room.

A fun cause and effect activity - look at the pictures and talk about the story in your own words: What can you see in the multi-sensory room? Do you like the bubble tube or disco lights best? Touch the screen to see what happens next. Switch access for one or two switches is included for users with motor difficulties who need switch input, and clutter-free, bright, clear graphics make it easier for students with visual impairments.

Bite Size Sensory Room

Over 60+ Educational Apps.

HelpKidzLearn offers a variety of apps designed to support children with special needs. Our Apps focus on improving communication, social interaction, motor skills, and cognitive development through engaging and interactive activities. These Apps can be a valuable tool for educators, parents, and therapists working with children with special needs.

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