An ever-growing library of deeply engaging, all-age, interactive Inclusive Stories. These stories have been especially written to appeal to students with a wide range of needs and address a range of curricular and other specialist areas. As the library of stories grow, they will be placed into 12 categories.

Sheldon the Snail Series

Gentle stories for all ages designed to promote functional skills and creativity.

Sheldon is a slow and cumbersome but determined little snail who always has somewhere to go but is always too late!

Sheldon is already very popular with one of his stories used as part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Millie the Mermaid Series

Pirate and Mermaid stories for girls and boys with a focus on SEMH, emotions, environmental issues and self-esteem.

Millie’s first story, ‘Millie - The Mermaid Who Couldn’t Swim’, is based on the life of Grace Darling. During this story, she overcomes her fear of the sea to save stricken pirates. In her adventures she continually overcomes her anxieties to save the day!

Silly Superheroes!

Is it a berk? Is it a Pain? No, it’s a Superhero! Humorous Superhero Stories designed to amuse, improve self-esteem, motor skills and celebrate empowerment. This collection of zeroes and heroes addresses a range of issues from personal hygiene to physiotherapy.

The Webster Witch Series

Grotty, spooky tales for all, with a focus on science, proprioception and PHSE themes.

She is a cranky old witch whose potions always go wrong with hilarious results.

Webster is already very popular with one of her stories used as part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

The Gerry Germ Series

Designed to promote personal hygiene in a fun and humorous way.

Gerry Germ likes to get around! In this series of stories, learners discover the importance of staying clean, safe and healthy and how to combat Gerry and his pals!

Myths, Legends and Fairy tales

A collection of new and classic stories adapted to be enjoyed by all!

A selection of new tales, established myths and classic fairytales to allow teachers to deliver more familiar stories in a sensory or specialist manner.

Sensory Space Stories

Stellar stories designed to celebrate diversity, helping others and online safety.

A variety of curious alien adventures to delight and amuse. These stories will celebrate diversity using a variety of alien species, bring harmony to disparate groups and, thanks to their superior technology, give some valuable e-safety advice!

The Fairies of Windy Wood

Designed to promote outdoor education and environmental issues.

Join Tootsie, Pondora, Fairy Fruitcake, Fairy Nuff and a host of other fairies in outdoor adventures tied to forest school and the environment. Beware the mischievous Boglin the Goblin who does his best to make a mess!

Torrid Tales for Terrible Teens

Age appropriate, terrible tales for teenagers and adults. A host of humorous one offs as well as stories linked to RSE Puberty, PSHCE etc.

A collection of funny, grotty, sensory stories to be told by only the very bravest of teachers!

All Around the World

Different stories from around the world, both traditional and original.

Designed to promote and celebrate multiculturalism, these stories will tell a rich and diverse range of stories from all corners of the globe!

Holiday Hijinks and Festival Fun!

Home of the stories celebrating festivals and holidays such as Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Pancake Day as well as Bible and Religious Education stories. Always going to be a popular section in schools.

Marvellous Mixed Bag

Stories of merit that don’t have a home.


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