ChooseIt! Numeracy contains over 230 activities with over 6,000 pages of interactive choice-making activities including:

Foundation Shape, Space and Measure

These 25 activities cover colour, 2D and 3D shape, positional words, opposites, sequencing shapes and time awareness (non-clock time).

Key Stage 1 Shape, Space and Measure

Includes 21 activities covering matching and recognition of geometric 2D and 3D shapes, sequencing shapes, counting sides, nets, weight, length, capacity, and planes and symmetry.

Early Number

32 activities designed to give pupils revision in their knowledge learnt in practical lessons about numbers one to three.

Number 0 to 5

21 graded activities covering comparison of quantity, counting sets of objects, counting on (rote counting), counting back, numeral recognition and matching sets to numerals

Number 5 to 10

These 23 graded activities cover odd one out sets, counting sets, counting on (rote counting), numeral recognition, more than, less than and simple addition up to 10.

Number 0 to 100

23 activities based around the 100 square, covering more than, less than, counting in 2s, 5s, 10s etc., number bonds in 10s and doubling.


24 activities around time, from times on-the-hour up to counting on and back in units of 5 minutes, and everything in between. Many of these activities give you a choice of analogue or digital clocks. Time also includes an activity on weeks, months and seasons.

ChooseIt! Literacy contains over 250 activities with over 5,000 pages of simple multiple choice activities including:

Listening Skills

Practise matching and identifying environmental sounds, vocal utterances, musical instruments, music styles, nursery rhymes, simple instructions, sequencing sounds, counting syllables, rhyming and alliteration.

Initial Sounds

Covers the sounds of the 26 letters, both individually spoken and spoken at the beginning of words. There is one activity for each letter, with five extra activities for each of the long vowel sounds. A choice of round up activities includes VC and CVC blending. No grapheme recognition is required, although graphemes are introduced passively.

Initial Letters

This useful activity set looks at the matching and recognition of written letters A-Z. There is one activity for each letter as well as a selection of round-up activities.

Initial Blends: Sounds

This activity set covers the sounds of the 26 most common initial consonant blends. One activity for each of ch, sh, th, qu and tr. A further 13 activities introduce more blends in pairs (eg: for “bl” and “cl” together). Also includes fun round-up activities. Grapheme recognition is not required, although graphemes are introduced passively.

Initial Blends: Letters

Covers matching and recognition of written blends. Common blends are covered, individually and in pairs, as well as several motivating round-up activities.

Tricky High Frequency Words

Multiple choice activities to practice recognition of tricky high frequency words which are difficult to learn to read and spell. Tricky High Frequency Words has over 600 pages of activities.


Over 40 activities focus on learning the names of the 26 letters (rather than their phonic sounds) and on dictionary skills. Alphabet includes distinguishing letters from other symbols through to sorting whole words alphabetically. Alphabet also includes letter reversals and matching upper and lowercase alphabet.

Everyday Words

Provides practice in recognising, hearing, matching, reading and spelling everyday words for colour, number, days of the week, months and seasons. Everyday Words has over 550 individual pages of activities.

ChooseIt! Science contains over 160 activities with over 3,000 pages of engaging activities including:

Foundation Living Things

32 simple activities which introduce the topics of human beings, animals and plants as well as the world around us.

Living Things

38 slightly harder activities which develop the knowledge gained from the previous activity-set, Foundation Living Things.


Consisting of 30 activities covering materials from everyday life and their properties.

Forces and Electricity

30 graded activities covering electricity and various forces.

Light, Sounds and Space

These 31 activities cover the topics of Earth and Space and Light and Sound. The activities on Space offer a wide breadth of knowledge to the pupil’s interest in this popular area of science.


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