Please note that you must have an Insight account to assess your students and view their reports, performance and progression on this App. An internet connection is required to view the analysis information.

Insight Online

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Insight - Early Vision and Cognition Assessment

Insight is the world's first intelligent online software that provides detailed and objective measurement, assessment and analysis of early vision and cognition behaviours using eye gaze technology.

The NEW Insight App enables you to view Insight assessment reports for your students directly from your tablet or smart phone!

The Insight App helps you monitor your student’s performance in real time. The Insight App provides information on progress, interpretation of performance and intelligent recommendations to enable easy evaluation and sharing of information.

Insight App Includes:

  • Insight Activity Session Reports, including:
    • Specific Assessment and Teaching Parameters
    • Precise Performance Scores
    • Detailed Performance Breakdowns
    • Intelligent Recommendations
    • Teacher Notifications
  • Overall Performance Reports for Early Vision and Cognition
  • Historical Performance Reports to monitor progress over time
  • Student Profile Creation and Management
  • Class Management
  • Sharing of Reports via Email

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