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Exploring and Playing

Exploring and Playing

Exploring and Playing

18 fun packed games and exploring opportunities to play on your own and with friends.

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Please note: Exploring and Playing software is downloadable software delivered via email and is not a subscription.

Assess & Improve

Assess & Improve

18 fun packed games and exploring opportunities to play on your own and with friends. Assess and improve your targeting and access skills and progress from cause and effect to early choice making. Learn to take turns or do just what you want. You can even make your own music machine!


Screen showing taking turns

1. Take Turns

  • Introduce concept of choosing from more than 1 item on a screen. Includes sequential, forced order and two player access.
  • Develop dwell select skills of 2+ large targets.
  • Teach turn taking concepts; take turns to interact, take turns to do a job, take turns to play a game.

Screens displaying exploration

2. Explore

  • A progression of easy to access targeting activities.
  • Develop dwell select skills with 4 – 8+ targets and introduce select and drag access.
  • Teach purposeful exploration of the screen and early control skills.

Screen showing choices

3. Choose Anything

  • Introduce choice making with multiple errorless choices.
  • Develop and reinforce multiple target access skills.
  • Teach early choice making skills and provide opportunities to express preferences in an error free environment.

Free download

Free Download

Download a free comprehensive Exploring and Playing Guidebook giving an overview of the software, a Roadmap of skills addressed plus detailed guidance for each activity.

What's Included

  • 1x Inclusive EyeGaze Exploring and Playing (Download)

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