Frequently Asked Questions

What Subscription options are available?

You can register for a ‘Free User’ account (applies to Games & Activities only) or you can choose to purchase either ‘1 User’, ‘5 User’, ‘Site’ or ‘District’ subscription.

How long does an Annual Subscription last?

A subscription lasts for a period of 12 months. Activation of the subscription takes place on the day of purchase. Click here to read about how to renew your subscription upon expiry.

How much does a Subscription cost?

You can purchase a range of licences or even a ‘District’ Subscription. Prices will depend on the amount of Licences and/or student profiles purchased. For full details and latest prices:

What is a ‘Free User’ Account?

A Free User account allows you to register to HelpKidzLearn and play a selection of ten of the games and activities for free; this small selection will rotate throughout the year.

What is a ‘1 User’ Licence?

A 1 User License allows a Teacher/Parent to subscribe to and use with one child/learner at any given time, for a period of 12 months.

What is a ‘5 User’ Licence?

A 5 User License allows a Teacher/Parent to subscribe to and use with up to five concurrent children/learners at any given time, for a period of 12 months.

What is a ‘Site’ Licence?

A Site License will cover multiple machines and concurrent user logins within one school/establishment, for a period of 12 months

What is a ‘District Subscription?

A District Subscription consists of one order made up of multiple subscriptions e.g. one Site Licence per school in the district.

Do you offer Districts wishing to purchase multiple Subscriptions a discount?

Yes. Discount is based on the number of subscriptions you purchase in one order

  • 1 to 9 subscriptions = 20% discount
  • 10+ subscriptions = 33% discount

Can a school purchase a ‘Site’ Licence and share it with other schools?

No. A school can only use the Site License registered to a single address and cannot distribute the school’s Student Access Details to other schools or educational establishments.

Can a School District (SD) or Local Authority (LA) purchase Subscriptions for numerous schools?

Yes. Click here to read how to enquire about, or to create a district subscription.

Can a School District (SD) or Local Authority (LA) purchase a ‘Site’ Licence and distribute the login details to a number of different schools?

No. A SD/LA must purchase a separate Site License for each school/establishment that wishes to use HelpKidzLearn online services. A Site License cannot be split up and distributed among multiple schools or school locations. For example, if five schools/establishments within a SD/LA wish to use HKL Games & Activities, the SD/LA must purchase five Site Licenses.

Can I purchase multiple Subscriptions using my Account?

Yes. Any person (over 18) can create an account and purchase one or more subscriptions.

How can I register for a Free User account?

Visit HelpKidzLearn Join Free page and create your account for Games & Activities (only).

How do I create Student Access details?

Once you have purchased a subscription(s) you will navigate to your Payee Admin Account where you can create your Student Access details.

If this did not happen and you wish to create Student Access details for a previous order you created, simply login to your Payee Admin Account and on the My Account page you will see the option to create access details for a New Subscription. Enter an easy to remember username and password. Remember these access details are used to access the content.

Can I create more Student logins?

Each licence type only allows for one username and password. i.e. a 5 User licence only requires one username and password. You cannot create more than one set of access details per licence. Click here for more information regarding subscription options.

Auto renewal

Subscriptions will be automatically renewed (“auto-renewal”) one week before the end of each Subscription Period.

How do I turn off Auto renewal?

You can disable auto renewal within your HelpKidzLearn Payee Account. You may also cancel your subscription by giving us notice in writing no later than 30 days prior to the end of the Subscription Period. You will have access to the Services for the remainder of that Subscription Period.

How do I renew my Subscription manually?

To renew your Subscription and Licence(s) manually please log in to HelpKidzLearn using your Payee Account e-mail address and password. NOT Student Access Details (username and password) used to access the content.

Once in your Payee Account visit My Account and under Expired Subscriptions you will see a list of subscriptions due for renewal. Click Renew and proceed through the checkout process.

If you experience any issues, please contact [email protected]

How do I upgrade my subscription licence?

To upgrade your licence type i.e. 1 User to 5 User, login to your Payee Admin Account (email and password). Under Active Subscription find the licence you wish to upgrade and click Upgrade.

What payment types can I use to create a HelpKidzLearn Account?

  • Credit Card
  • Purchase Order / Invoice (in countries where HKL has a designated reseller)
  • PayPal

Does HelpKidzLearn store my payment details?

HelpKidzLearn process card payments through PayPal and SagePay. Both provide secure e-commerce transactions utilising the latest encryption technology. HelpKidzLearn will not have access to your credit or debit card details.

Unpaid orders in my Payee Account

Within your Payee Admin Account you may see unpaid orders. This simply means that you have attempted to purchase products or services from HelpKidzLearn but did not complete payment. If you wish to pay for these items simply click Pay Now. Once payment is made your order (if subscription) will be activated or (if hardware) dispatched.

How do I purchase using Purchase Order / Invoice?

A subscription can be purchased using an official purchase order in countries where HelpKidzLearn has a designated reseller. Once a purchase order number is submitted during the checkout process and the order is complete, the subscription will be instantly accessible. However, an official purchase order must be sent within ten working days of subscribing to your local reseller or the account with be suspended until payment is received.

Who do I need to send my Purchase Order to?

The official Purchase Order must be sent (via email, fax or post) to your local reseller.
To view a list of our resellers click here.

How do I manage my PayPal payments?

You can manage your PayPal payments via your HelpKidzLearn Payee Account or simply visit the PayPal website and manage your payments there.

Billing Profiles

When you create a subscription you automatically create a billing profile to allow HelpKidzLearn to invoice you for the online services your have subscribed to.

What information does a Billing Profile contain?

A billing profile contains information such as billing frequency, payment type, bill media, bill type, and your email address to send a bill electronically.

Can I cancel my Billing Profile with HelpKidzLearn?

Yes. You can cancel your billing profile at any time before the next billing date.

Note: Your billing profile may apply to more than one subscription. Be aware that cancelling a billing profile will disable the auto-renewal for all related subscriptions. Information will be provided on which subscriptions will be affected when you cancel a billing profile on HelpKidzLearn.

How do I cancel a billing profile?

Turn off auto renewal or cancel your recurring payments.

  • Click here for more information of how to turn off auto renewal
  • Click here for more information of how to cancel recurring payments via PayPal

I created a quote on HelpKidzLearn, how do I convert it?

Login to your Payee Account, find the Quote under Unpaid Orders/Quotes and click Pay Now.

This account does not have access to ChooseIt Maker

  • You have either not purchased a ChooseIt Maker subscription, or
  • You have logged in using your Payee Account. Log out and login with the Student Access Details.

This account does not have access to the Games & Activities

  • You have either not purchased a HelpKidzLearn subscription, or
  • You have logged in using your Payee Account. Log out and login with the Student Access Details.

Sorry, your account has been suspended…

A HelpKidzLearn account can become suspended due to a number of reasons.

  • Payment for the HelpKidzLearn subscription was not completed.
  • A quote was submitted for a HelpKidzLearn subscription and now is awaiting payment. For information of how to convert this quote click here.

Alternatively, please ask your account administrator to contact [email protected]

Sorry, your account expired

Your subscription has expired and is due for renewal. Please ask your account administrator to renew your HelpKidzLearn subscription.

Sorry, you have reached the maximum number of concurrent users for this licence

To resolve this issue, make sure you are logged out elsewhere and try to login again. If the problem persists contact [email protected].

What is my maximum number of concurrent users?

Please refer to the FAQ Subscription Options section.

The Payee Account associated with your licence has been suspended

The Payee Account associated with your licence has been suspended. Please contact us for assistance at [email protected]

Sorry, we did not receive your purchase order within 10 business days

Your local reseller did not receive your official purchase order within 10 business days. Contact your account administrator and/or bursar to rectify the problem. To view a list of our resellers click here.

Your email address/account has not been verified

Your FREE HelpKidzLearn account has not yet been verified. Please check your verification email that you received after registering for your FREE HelpKidzLearn account. If you did not receive this email or have mislaid it, click here to resend your verification email again.

Trouble logging in?

You have attempted to login to HelpKidzLearn too many times and your account has been suspended for security reasons. Please email us for assistance at [email protected].

Your account is not verified.

You have created an account but it has yet to be verified. Check your email inbox for the HKL verification email sent to you when you created your account.

What are the minimum requirements to use HelpKidzLearn?

A compatible browser from the list below:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or above
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

The following must be updated in your browser of choice:

  • JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.
  • Flash Player 10 or newer (each activity checks you have the correct version of Flash installed).
  • Allow 3rd party cookies (specifically for HelpKidzLearn).

ChooseIt Maker and/or HKL Games & Activities are not loading!

  • Please ensure you are not trying to run the Games & Activities on an iPad.
  • Please ensure you are not trying to run the ChooseIt Maker Editor on an iPad.
  • When the Game/Activity appears, if the screen remains blank for some time, press and hold down ‘Ctrl’ and press ‘R’. This will refresh the screen and reload the activity. If this does not work, check all the above minimum requirements are met by your computer.
  • Alternatively email [email protected] for assistance.

Do I need specific broadband speeds?

Broadband connections are a must. You will need a connection of 256kbps or greater. Most ADSL or cable internet connections are at least this fast and normally much more.

Is there a minimum screen resolution to use HelpKidzLearn?

We advise that you use HelpKidzLearn with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 to get the most out of HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities and ChooseIt Maker.

I cannot complete the checkout/payment process!

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the HelpKidzLearn checkout/payment process, please contact us [email protected].

How do I re-send my verification email?

For more information, click here.

What Access Devices can I use?

Our online services such as HelpKidzLearn and ChooseIt Maker offer a variety of access options. These include:

  • Mouse
  • Touch screen
  • One Switch
  • Two Switch
  • Eye gaze

What Games & Activities can I use with Eye Gaze?

Download our Eye Gaze guides to using Games & Activities:

myGaze: How to use myGaze with HelpKidzLearn

Tobii: How to use Tobii with HelpKidzLearn

How do I access HelpKidzLearn using switch(s)?

The switch should be connected to the computer using a “switch interface” and made to act like the computer’s Spacebar/Enter Key. The HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch is the perfect option, click here for more information.

I need more information! How can I contact HelpKidzLearn?

Don’t panic. Click here to visit the Contact Us page. Here you can send us a message or find your local HelpKidzLearn reseller.

Alternatively there is Live Chat at the bottom of the screen. If there is someone available to talk to the message will display on the tab “Need help with HKL?”

Can I play HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities for FREE?

Yes. A Free User account allows you to register to HelpKidzLearn and play a selection of ten of the games and activities for free; this small selection will rotate throughout the year.

Can I download the games and activities onto my computer?

No. Games & Activities cannot be downloaded onto your computer. They can only be played online via the HelpKidzLearn website.

Can I play HelpKidzLearn games and activities on an iPad?

No and Yes. HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities do not run directly on the iPad as they require Flash Player to be installed. There is however Browser Apps that run Flash on the iPad such as Puffin Browser. Please note, HelpKidzLearn does not promote the use of nor provides support for Apps such as Puffin Browser and using HelpKidzLearn Games & Activities on this browser should be done so at your own choice and risk. We have created a number of HelpKidzLearn iPad Apps to give access to HKL on the iPad. Click here to find out more about the HelpKidzLearn Apps.

Can I play HelpKidzLearn games and activities on a Windows/Android tablet?

Yes, you can use HelpKidzLearn on most Windows/Android based tablets providing they support Flash.

I have subscribed but the website says I need to upgrade!

Ensure that you are signing into HelpKidzLearn using the Student Access Details (Username and Password) you created during the checkout process for your Student(s).

Logging in using your Payee Account Details (Email and Password) only gives you access to the Payee Account which contains all your account details (and a limited number of Games & Activities).

Can I access ChooseIt Maker for FREE?

Online, No. But you can download the free ChooseIt Maker App which contains some free sample activities. Click here to read more or download.

Can I download my created activities onto my computer?

No. The created activities cannot be downloaded onto your computer. They can however be downloaded locally to your iPad or Android Tablet and played online via the HelpKidzLearn website.

How do I create activities?

Within ChooseIt Maker click “make new activity” on the ChooseIt Maker title screen. You will then be guided through the process of creating your first activity.

How do I share activities?

Once you have created an activity, select the activity that you wish to share and then click the “share” button (right). Your activity will be provided with a unique redeem code. This code can be sent to family, friends or colleagues. If they have a ChooseIt Maker subscription or the free iPad or Android App, the simply click “redeem code” and enter the redeem code you have given to them.

Please make sure you are happy sharing your activity as you cannot remove the activity from other people’s devices once they have downloaded the activity.

How do I un-share activities?

Select the activity you have shared and then click “un-share”. This will instantly void the unique share code. Please note it will not remove the activity from tablets that have already downloaded it.

How do I download an activity using a redeem code?

In the tablet App or within ChooseIt Maker Online, click “redeem code”. Enter the code you have been provided and then select the folder destination you wish to place the activity. Done.

How do I enable Flash Player in my browser?

The process for enabling or disabling the Flash Player will vary depending on the browser you are using since cookies are maintained by your web browser. For detailed instructions of how to do this, please visit

How do I update my Flash Player?

To determine what version of Flash Player your browser is currently running and to update Flash, please visit


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